Frequently Asked Questions

Q Are any of the books more suitable for a particular age or sex of child?
A The books are equally suitable for a boy or girl. “What A Picnic!” or “The Mystery of the Missing Keys” are more suitable for youngest ages, whilst “Alien Adventure” is more suited to older ages. Please see book pages for suggested age ranges.
Q How do you differentiate yourselves from your competitors?
A From what we have seen and what our customers have told us, our stories have more to them both in terms of length, originality and content, particularly educational facts presented in a fun memorable way. The personalisation is also much more extensive – we need to know the gender of the friends as they are active in the storylines, and appear on most pages, for example. Also the many full page illustrations are from original hand painted watercolours rather than computer generation. Let us know what you think!
Q Do the friends or relatives featured within the stories have to be children?
A Ideally. Collectively the groups are sometimes referred to as “children” within the books. One adult, or “Tom the cat” or “Pluto the dog” just about works! Some people even order a book for an adult friend/relative – tongue in cheek.
Q What if I don’t know the names of the friends of the child for whom I want to buy a book?
A If you cannot obtain this information, you could consider using the names of the child’s brothers or sisters, or cousins. At worst, just give us three names that you like or from a favourite story or film.
Q Why do I need to give you my phone number?
A We may need to contact you to clarify information regarding your order. Your number does not appear in the books and will not be passed on to anyone else.
Q How can I be sure that it is safe to order online at your site?
A We have merchant status via PayPal, a leading on-line payment facility, which promises full security. It is also possible to order our products by mail order and pay by cheque – if you prefer to order in this way, just print off our printable order form, fill it in and send it to us.

Q How long will I have to wait to receive my books?
A Usually orders will be delivered to your door between 1 and 2 weeks from receipt of order, but please allow a maximum of 28 days in busy periods such as Christmas. If your timescale is very tight please call 01954 212505 or email and we will endeavour to help.

Troubleshooting: (It should be noted that these situations have not necessarily occurred, but that we are setting up this area to cover all eventualities!)
Q What should I do if I made a mistake on entering the personalisation details online (as shown on my confirmatory e-mail)?
A Call or email us immediately. If the personalisation part of the book has not yet been done we can make the amendment without further charge.
Q What should I do if my book arrives with an incorrect spelling or an incorrect gender has been used for one of the characters?
A Call or email us immediately. If the mistake has been made by bespoke Books, we will of course make and send you a replacement. If, however, the error was in the details submitted to us (as shown on your confirmation email), the book will not be replaced but would need to be reordered with the correct details.
Q What if my book arrives damaged?
A Return it in its original packaging and we will repair or remake exactly as originally ordered, dependant on the problem.
Q What if I want to cancel my order?
A Call or email us immediately. If the personalisation part of the book has not yet been done we can cancel an order and make a refund less an admin charge. If the book has already gone to print, then I’m afraid a refund will not be possible.
Q My book hasn’t arrived.
A Please report non-delivery 3 weeks after placing the order. If the book is needed before this time please call us & we will endeavour to help although no delivery failure can be investigated by the Royal Mail immediately.