About Us

Bespoke Books was set up in 2000 by Helen Simpson who has three children: Ottilie, Aurelia and Hermione.

“Initially I devised the stories as a way of making reading more enjoyable and increasing my childrens’ involvement in imaginative pursuits. Then family and friends heard of the stories and wanted copies for themselves. It seemed natural at that stage to add some illustrations and make the stories more widely available, hence the birth of Bespoke Books & a launch at the Country Living Christmas Fair in Islington.”

Surprisingly for a qualified accountant, Helen has a degree in Psychology, which she has put to good use in writing these books. The illustrations are from the hand of Eugenie Bradley, an artist who lives in Norfolk, and who is also Ottilie, Aurelia and Hermione’s grandmother!

We are keen to make Bespoke Books as successful as possible. That means writing stories and drawing illustrations that you and we believe our children will adore and relish. So please contact us with any improvements or suggestions you may have. We truly would like to hear from you.